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Links of pages where AlexEyck Photography had a cooperation with. Worth to visit!

<<AlexEyck Wordpress>>

Old blog from me in Dutch, lots of pictures. Not updated but still worth to visit!


Snoozecontrol is a Dutch/Belgium webzine. Since April 2009 Snoozecontrol offers her visitors daily the latest music news, reviews and unique pictures from numerous concerts and festivals. The genres in which Snoozecontrol is specialized, are rock, metal, punk, hardcore, new wave, industrial, indie, shoegaze and ambient. Beside the webzine, Snoozecontrol have a Twitter, Facebook, en Flickr account. Like this we respond to the growing importance and attention of social media. Once in a will I'm shooting for theme.

<< De Radijs >>

An association of organic hobby-gardeners, founded February 1978 by a few people living in Haasrode and Blanden. I'm a member too. My dad Rudi is the new chairman.

<<Ginis Pet Friends>> and <<Gini Pet Friends>>

Pages of my dear sister, who has a company specialized in animal care, dog sitting, dog walking and so on. This for the region of Oud-Heverlee and Leuven.

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